Panaroma picture taken from 'Creag Mhaim' on the West Coast of Scotland

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This weather station consists of a Davis Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite in combination with a Davis Vantage Vue console and a Davis WeatherLinkIP data logger. The hardware was supplied in 2011 by; great service and competitively priced!

The data is collected by Cumulus MX software and automatically uploaded to this website every 20 seconds (unless there is a power and/or FTTC broadband failure).


September 2017: Anemometer wind speed cartridge replaced after I noticed the wind cups were sticking.

December 2016: Only 17 months after the sensor was repaired, the outside humidity readings were going wonky again so I ordered and fitted a new sensor.

July 2015: Following a failure of the combined outside temperature/humidity sensor, I got in touch with They repaired and upgraded my sensor (from the standard SHT11 to the high-end SHT15 version).

June 2013: Anemometer gone faulty (intermittent wind speed readings). Replaced with the new "reedless" anemometer.